Our Service

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Natural Nail Care

*** We choose the air jetliner pedicure chairs with the newest technology in sanitation. NO reusable magnet jet, 100% disposed of after each use.
Collagen Manicure $26 

This service offers ultimate Collagen hand treatment. Each collagen glove is preloaded with Olive Oil, Argan Oil, and Collagen to penetrate and moisturize the skin.

RUBI Signature Manicure $21 
RUBI Signature Pedicure $31 

A classic manicure/ pedicure in RUBI style. The essential soothing effect from the natural enriched formular products will incredibly soften your skin, heal your mind, and relieve stress.

Heel Therapy $46 

This pedicure offers intensive callus treatment. Professional-strength serum breaks down tough calluses in minutes. Warm heel therapy moisturizes and helps to prevent callus.

Organic Deluxe Pedicure $61 

Have your feet pampered with a hot stone massage, organic products, and ultimate heels collagen treatment. Collagen sock enriches Collagen, Olive Oil and Argan Oil moisturizing and softening callus.

Express Nail Care Hands $11 
Express Nail Care Feet $16 

This service is designed for rapid nail grooming and polish.

Nails Enhancement

*** Only FDA approved EMA nail liquid is used at our spa
*** Additional charge may apply on special length, shape, and design.

Traditional Acrylic

New set $36 
Fill $26 
New set with color nails tip $46 
Fill with color nails tip $36 

Using acrylic powder to create a hard transparent layer over your natural nails.

Color Powder

New set $51 
Fill $41 

Using color powder to create permanent color looking nails.

Pink & White

New Set $56 
Fill Pink and White $46 
Fill Pink only $36 

“Pink and White” refers to the use of two colors of acrylic applied to the nails to create a permanent "French" manicure look."

Dipping Powder

Natural nails $46 
With enhancements $56 

An alternative to traditional acrylics and polish. Dipping Powders have no monomer odor and soak off easy, leaving nails healthy and beautiful after removal.


Gel polish $12 
French tip $5 
Shiny buff $5 
Design $3 + each
Nails fix $5 + each
Removal $10 

Spa Services

Skin Care


Eyebrows $12 
Chin $12 
Lip $10 
Full Face $40 
Under Arms $20 
Half Arms $30 
Full Arms $55 
Half Legs $35 
Full Legs $65